Trigger Point Injections


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Trigger point injections are used to treat muscle pain. Muscle pain often contributes to painful spinal conditions, either as the only source of pain or as one of a combination of sources for pain. Spinal pain may result from muscle pain, from joint pain, from disc pain, or from nerve pain. Muscle pain may involve spasm, is locally tender, and typically may be one-sided. Trigger point injections involve using a small and very thin needle to place local anesthetic medications into the tender muscle points.

Steroid medications (cortisone) are not typically used in trigger point injections. It remains unclear as to how trigger point injections work. Some believe that they block the release of local pain mediating chemicals while others believe that they lengthen or relax the muscles by changing the tension set point in the muscle.

Trigger point injections are very effective for acute injuries such as strains or sprains and provide temporary relief in chronic conditions, especially if the pain is flared. They are extremely safe as the needle small and goes no deeper than the superficial musculature.