Neurodiagnostic Testing

Neurodiagnostic testing, or electrodiagnostic testing, is a method to evaluate the physiologic function and nerves and muscles.  It is used to diagnose peripheral nerve injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal nerve injuries causing sciatica or radiculopathy. Dr. Scott holds the highest level training and board certifications needed to complete these studies and has [...]

Regenerative Medicine

There is has been a lot of Buzz lately about stem cell treatment over the last 10 years; mostly good, some bad.  Stem cells are basically cells that harbor the potential to stimulate regrowth of injured tissue, by dividing into the needed cells and forming new tissues needed to heal damaged or depleted tissues.  Stem [...]

Botox Treatments for Pain

Botulinum toxin, in various forms, is known to temporarily paralyze and relax muscle fibers. It is most commonly used for cosmetic purposes, by relaxing subcutaneous facial muscles and thus removing lines or wrinkles. Botox is medically approved to treat chronic migraine pain syndromes, by relaxing the muscles in the face, scalp, neck and upper back [...]

Platelet-rich Plasma Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma is an increasingly popular method of treating painful tendon conditions and, in some cases, joint conditions. Platelet-rich plasma works, not as a drug, but as a stimulant to your body’s natural healing process. It involves using a small amount of your own venous blood and using a centrifuge to separate out a platelet [...]

Ultrasound-guided Procedures

Dr. Scott completes many of his injections in the office using ultrasound technology to guide the needle tip to the proper location in the tissues or injected joints. Ultrasound allows for increased accuracy and increased safety with any injection procedure and is especially helpful when the procedure requires a high degree of precision.

Radiofrequency Ablation Procedures

Radiofrequency ablation procedures provide the most long-lasting treatment available for chronic spinal joint pain. Once the painful joint or joints is/are identified with diagnostic medial branch blocks (see above), then the physician, using X-ray guidance and an equipped needle, is able to create a very small radiofrequency lesion on the pain nerve to the joint(s). [...]

Facet blocks and Medial Branch Blocks

These procedures are used to diagnose and treat low back pain caused by inflamed, strained, or arthritic joints in the back and neck. The joints line the spine on both sides, lie deep to the paraspinal muscles but closer to the skin than the discs and nerves. Pain is typically local, worsened with standing or [...]

Lower Dose Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are often utilized to treat pain related to musculoskeletal injuries and spinal injuries. These injections typically include a mixture of local anesthetics and a corticosteroid medication. Pain is typically caused by inflammation. Corticosteroid, AKA cortisone, medications are potent anti-inflammatory agents typically used in injection preparations because they can be applied directly at the [...]

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are used to treat muscle pain. Muscle pain often contributes to painful spinal conditions, either as the only source of pain or as one of a combination of sources for pain. Spinal pain may result from muscle pain, from joint pain, from disc pain, or from nerve pain. Muscle pain may involve [...]

Spinal Injury Assessment

We evaluate and treat all types of spinal injuries. These range from acute strains, recurrent spasms, and whiplash injuries to chronic pain due to disc problems, joint problems, and spinal nerve root problems. We perform the initial evaluation, order and review necessary imaging studies, and recommend treatments with the individual patient’s needs in mind. Dr. [...]

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