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Our office is insurance free as of January 1, 2019! It is long been my dream to maintain a medical practice where I can take the necessary time to listen to my patients concerns, provide an appropriate treatment plan, and readily effect that plan. I am confident that I will be able to provide more time, more treatment options, and better care by forgoing my insurance contracts. Many of my patients may wish to seek care elsewhere with an in-network physician and I completely understand. I do not intend to alienate those patients who do not wish to pay out-of-pocket, but I truly believe that with a reasonable price structure, I can provide better care at reasonable costs. Furthermore, I am able to provide financing options if needed. You may email me directly at or contact my office if you have further questions. I am very excited with this new direction and I hope some of you are as well. Robert Scott, M.D.

Robert E. Scott Jr., M.D.

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